The ReidSleeve (U.S.Patents 5,904,145 5,916,183 5,196,231) is made from a soft foam core. This is specially designed to provide a gentle gradient pressure. The pressure exerted on the limb (arm or leg) is controlled by a series of Velcro® straps. This design allows the compression to be precisely tailored to the patient’s needs. The sleeve easily slides over the affected limb and then the compression straps are adjusted.

The outer shell is made of durable, attractive nylon, available in many colors. The inner lining is made of a blend of cotton and lycra to provide maximum comfort while maintaining effectiveness.

Control of edema in the hand and wrist area is critical. The ReidSleeve incorporates conforming plastic plates to provide consistent, effective pressure to this critical area. The data from the original study demonstrates that the ReidSleeve is highly effective at controlling edema in this area. In a 4-week study, edema in the hands of affected patients was reduced by an average of 80%.

A specially designed gauge (U.S. Patent 5,904,145) is used to assess the pressure exerted over any region of the limb. The gauge is as easy to use as a blood pressure cuff. This simple procedure insures that compression applied to the patient's limb is consistently applied and in the proper range to provide optimal results.

Patients can fit the sleeve in minutes without assistance and have the confidence of knowing they are applying the most effective pressure. As the patient improves the ReidSleeve can be adjusted to the new limb size thereby maintaining the proper pressure range.

FDA Class I (880.5160)

Higher compliance than wraps or pumps

Less expensive than pumps

Easily applied in minutes by the patient

Quickly and reliably adjusted to a precise and consistent pressure

Can be easily fit and followed by physician, nurse or therapist


Provides the patient with effective therapy, while raising self-esteem and encouraging self-reliance

Quality materials and manufacturing in the USA

Developed by a Physician

Full arm (includes hand)

1/2 arm (includes hand)

Hand (glove only)

Full leg (includes foot)

1/2 leg (includes foot)

Boot (for foot and ankle only)

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The following short videos demonstrate the general application and removal of the products manufactured by Peninsula BioMedical, Inc. They do not depict the initial fitting process, gauging (if applicable) and necessary readjustment as the limb fluctuates. For complete information on our products please contact your health care provider or feel free to contact us directly should you have additional questions. Find out contact information here.
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The ReidSleeve® Classic
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